Rex club

32 years of electronic music

The Grand Rex opens its doors in 1932 and becomes the place to be for all the cinema lovers. Its remarquable Art Deco front is classified as an historic buiding.

A special place is hiding under the cinema : Le Rêve. In 1973, this « chic dancing » where only orchestras were playing, starts to follow the disco trend and becomes a club, the Rex Club.

In 1984, the arrival of Garance Productions and Christian Paulet as stage manager are giving another move to the club : it is now a strong place for alternativ and independant music, such as rock, new wave, punk or funk.

The electronic part of Rex’s history starts in 1988, with the a jungle night. An english promoters team asks Christian to host an Acid House night in the club, a music that comes straight from Chicago and then Manchester via its famous club, the Hacienda. To twist the night, a bus full of english young peeps is driving to Paris. One of them is a 21 years old french dj from Hacienda, Dj Pedro, also know as...Laurent Garnier.

Nowadays, Rex Club is one of the most iconic place when you want to listen to techno music in Paris and an unmissable step on the world most famous clubs map.