Chloé has, without a doubt, led an entire generation to her electronic music playground – one that goes beyond strictly club and techno.

As much a film music enthusiast as an accomplished guitar player, she stumbled into the electronic scene early on, developing an unwavering curiosity for sound machines.

Her desire to eschew readymade formulas, and her constant research into musical and human matters, gave her the impetus to start her own label, Lumière Noire. The label provides her with a platform to help her protégés. Her collaborations and her willingness to step into the other artist’s perspective are the other engines of his permanent reinvention.

Forever inclined to push the boundaries of her art, she gladly absorbs any and all innovations, such as 3-D binaural spatialized sound, as with her collaboration with French national radio (such as France Télévisions) and IRCAM. Chloé also works to set music to image. She was awarded the Cinémathèque Française’s commission for the music of Hitchcock’s last silent film ‘Blackmail’, as restored by the British Film Institute. The result is a humbly subtle, yet just, live interpretation of an original score, which accompanies the film without overpowering its image.

She has released her third album Endless Revisions, an impressively rich and mature outing, on her own label Lumière Noire Records.

Praised by summer festivals (Marsatac, Nuits Sonores, Sonar..) as THE techno live of the year, Chloé continues to present her ‘Endless Revisions Live’, mentioned as one of the ‘4 key performances’ by The Peacock Society according to Resident Advisor.