Child of a bustling Brittany where art is constantly changing, Darzack grew up in music under the loving eyes of an actor father and a film make-up artist mother. His adolescence consisted of intensive drum training, percussion courses, piano lessons, introduction to accordion and singing, extensive musical experiments and discovery of electronic machines

He draws his electronic verve from the discographies of Carpenter Brut, Bloody Beetroots, or Paul Kalkbrenner and begins to produce on his computer at the age of 15. He goes up to the capital and quickly pulls out of the game by offering overpowering live performances where he highlights his talents as a percussionist and his high-powered sense of show.

His music is a great techno slap, innovative, frenzied, sometimes very melodic sometimes only percussive. We find there various movements, great afro phases, acid touches, broken inspirations, suspended moments where melancholic melodies break on epic orchestrations. Putting all his soul into his passion, he locks himself in his studio for a year to compose, to venture out, to build bridges between genres. His musical talents allow him to give an emotional dimension to the violent and saturated music he defends. Live, Darzack impresses, conquered the crowds, and quickly toured venues and clubs in major French cities. Now showing at major festivals (Les TransMusicales, Piknic Électronik, Panorama, etc.), it has experienced rapid growth and enjoys the sincere love of a loyal and passionate audience.

Without fear, he is a true musician of the moment who needs to constantly face the crowd in order to progress. Observers predict a bright future for him while the troublemaker sets himself no limits. At the same time he is setting up a French variety project (Prince Danilo), he is the drummer of a disco-funk group (Bambino Jumbo), he produces, arranges and composes for several artists from various backgrounds and he goes up with his musician friends its own Maison Béryl label.

No time to waste. At 21, Darzack fully intends to spread his fire to the entire planet.